Over 3,000 years of incredible women who ruled the world!

ISBN: 9780702301902 Author: Crossman, Victoria Publisher: Scholastic Publication Date: 5th November 2020 Imprint: Scholastic Cover: Hardback Dewey: 920.72 (edition:23) Pages: 157 Language: English Readership: Ages 5-12 / Code: B Category:

Queens – over 3,000 years of incredible women who ruled the world!

Celebrating strong, brave women across the centuries and around the world, Queens tells their stories of strength and resilience.

Spanning 3,000 years from Cleopatra to the Viking queens, Queen Nanny of Jamaica to HRH Elizabeth II, discover new stories about fierce female monarchs.

Full to the brim with striking, vibrant illustrations and bursting with facts about the queens’ pets, costume, homes, make-up, jewellery, and much much more.

The women featured include:

  • Queen of Sheba
  • Cleopatra
  • Boudicca
  • Empress Jingu
  • Queen Septimia Zenobia
  • Empress Theodora
  • Empress Wu Zetian
  • Lady K’Abel
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • Queen Tamar
  • Margaret, Maid of Scotland
  • Isabella of Castile
  • Grace O’Malley
  • Elizabeth I
  • Queen Nzinga
  • Queen Christina Alexandra
  • Queen Nanny
  • Queen Maria Theresa Habsburg
  • Catherine the Great
  • Marie Antionette
  • Biawacheeitchish
  • Queen Victoria
  • Queen Rani Lakshimi Bai
  • Empress Dowager Cixi
  • Liliuokalania Hawaii
  • Queen Yaa Asantewaa
  • Empress Myeongseong
  • Tsarina Alexandra Romanov
  • Elizabeth II

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