Teachers, librarians, Sencos, support staff, subject leads, nursery nurses, senior leaders, pastoral teams…

We know how hard you all work to do the best for each and every pupil in their community. We want to make your life as easy as possible, by making sure you don’t have to spend your time searching for books. We can do that for you.

Email us on your school email address to join our mailing list: we will send you our monthly schools newsletter with age-related, theme/subject/topic related recommendations and lists, titles to support particular needs and generally wonderful diverse books.

We offer a schools consultation service for £20, which is fully redeemable against books you then purchase. We can curate lists for specific year groups, themes, topics and for individual children (you could make use of pupil premium to fund this). We can increase the diversity of your school library, suggest books for particular events/special days and supply class sets of any texts.

Some of the areas we have advised on are: neurodiversity (ASD, ADHD, communication needs, learning needs, mental health), social and emotional health, physical difference and disability, loss and bereavement, BME, LGBTQ+, gender identity, medical conditions, social inequality, migration and refugees, and much more. Ask us, we love a challenge!

We invoice schools in the usual way – please email for further information.

Funding – FREE books

We know how tight budgets are in schools, and particularly for books. We will always endeavour to offer schools a discount on bulk orders. But we are aiming to do much more:

  • our loyalty scheme gives customers the opportunity to donate their loyalty to a school – we will contact the school regularly with an update on how much your school has accumulated – this can be spent on any books in the shop
  • we will work with local businesses to enable local schools to join our wishlist scheme. Your school writes a wishlist, which is open for a month. We ask local people, families and businesses to donate money towards the wishlist: in exchange we shout out their business and how amazing they are to be supporting children’s reading. At the end of the month, we send you the books you have been donated. Win Win.

Diverse Packs

BME Packs for all ages coming soon…