The Map of Lost Unicorns


In a world where magic is forgotten and unicorns walk the earth unseen, a young girl discovers she is a Unicorn Seeker – able to see unicorns and feel their magic. But while these exciting powers bring adventure, they also bring danger…

ISBN: 9780702306969 Author: Burnell, Cerrie Publisher: Scholastic Publication Date: 2nd June 2022 Imprint: Scholastic Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.92 (edition:23) Pages: 150 Language: English Edition: Paperback original Readership: Ages 5-12 / Code: B Category: Subjects: , , ,


Fast-paced and exciting, beautifully illustrated and full of unicorn magic, children will love Unicorn Seekers a thrilling new series from BBC disability ambassador, Cerrie Burnell.

Growing up in a bustling city, Elodie Lightfoot thinks she’s seen it all. Except, she’s never seen a unicorn before… until now.

And not just that – she can feel the unicorn’s magic too – it’s as if a special bond exists between them. But while these exciting powers bring adventure, they also bring danger as Elodie realises she’s prepared to protect her unicorn at all costs…

  • Striking cover with shiny silver sparkles makes this the perfect gift
  • A beautifully told adventure story with magic, excitement and, of course, unicorns!
  • This captivating new book from TV personality and disability campaigner Cerrie Burnell will leave children completely enchanted
  • Gorgeous black and white illustrations throughout