Know Your Nature


Being able to recognise even the most common plants and animals is a skill that is rapidly disappearing. This invaluable nature book features all the key ones that you and your children really ought to know.

ISBN: 9781908489371 Author: Pinnington, Andrea Publisher: Fine Feather Press Publication Date: 15th October 2018 Imprint: Fine Feather Press Cover: Other Dewey: 508.41 (edition:23) Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subject:
Young children have an incredible capacity to learn about creatures, but more often than not they are Disney characters and not native wildlife. Why does this matter? Ultimately, children won’t care about things if they don’t know what they are. That’s why Know Your Nature is vitally important and should be in every family home. It is bursting with beautiful images and fascinating facts about the most common plants and animals of the British Isles-the ones you really ought to know. For example, if you are only able to name 10 butterflies, then these are the ones to learn. It will inspire a new generation and is perfect for those who want to brush up their nature knowledge, too.

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