The Universal Zoo


33 fantastic space creatures roam freely through this unique poetry collection

ISBN: 9781913074401 Author: Zetter, Neal Publisher: Otter-Barry Books Publication Date: 6th January 2022 Imprint: Otter-Barry Books Cover: Paperback Dewey: 821.92 (edition:23) Pages: 96 Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category:

Roll up!

Come on down

to the Universal Zoo.

Want to see amazing animals?
Buy a ticket, join the queue.

Every creature has a place at the far end of Space, in the Universal Zoo.

Look out for the Shy Shimmereen, the Snoozing Snoralotz, the Invisible Ballaboo Beast and the Ten-Legged, Swivel-Headed, Bushy-Bearded, Twirly-Tailed Horrox. Meet the Martian kids with two heads, and stare at the Enormous Egg. And if you think dragons don’t exist and dodos are extinct, then think again. But be warned – never, never, never feed the Gronk!

A riot of imagination and fun, these poems also send a message about conservation and saving species.

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