Britannica’s Word of the Day


Britannica’s Word of the Day builds knowledge one day at a time with 366 masterful words.

ISBN: 9781913750350 Author: Kelly, Patrick Publisher: Britannica Books Publication Date: 7th July 2022 Imprint: Britannica Books Cover: Hardback Dewey: 423 (edition:23) Pages: 352 Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subjects: , , ,

Become a word virtuoso in just one year with 366 crackerjack words aimed to impress. This charmingly illustrated book features boffo words selected by the masterminds at Britannica to highlight the best of the English language.

Follow a menagerie of animals as they teach one new word for each day of the year, including a pronunciation guide, definition, sample sentence, and interesting trivia about the word’s usage or etymology. Each month concludes with an outlandish story that features all the new words learned.

This delightfully challenging and surprising book will turn word aficionados into passionate logophiles!